We have committed ourselves to providing Calgarians with only the highest quality products. Our commitment to quality and safe products can not be overstated. In a highly unregulated industry where poor quality and toxic materials are prevalent, we carry toys and body products manufactured from non-toxic, pthalate free materials.

We try to find electronics and toys that are ethically manufactured, both in terms of human rights and environmental impact.

We live by a touch, taste and learn principal, where all of our test models are displayed so customers can touch or taste the toy, lube, oil, or other product before selecting the one that is right for them. We also have an extensive library of books, cas well as a comfortable sitting area.  We also have an extensive library of books, as well as a comfortable sitting area. Our titles include coffee-table books, erotica, and educational materials. Education is something that we put great value and emphasis on, as we believe that sex is an experience that constantly evolves over a lifetime, and continual learning helps to ensure lifelong joy and satisfaction.

We strive to offer a tasteful, upscale environment that is designed to provide women in particular with the most positive shopping experience possible. Though there is a focus on the female experience in our store, people of all genders are welcome. We offer a wide variety of products and educational materials for people in all stages of their lives, of any orientation, with any kind of body. Our desire at A Little More Interesting is to provide all our customers with a safe, judgment-free environment to learn, laugh, and feel like they are moving forward with their sex lives.